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The function of gearing is to mesh with other gear elements to transmit altered torque and rotation. Review this classroom to learn more

Miniature motion

This classroom covers miniature linear slides guides, sensors, encoders, gears, and motors that lend themselves to tiny designs.

Industrial power supplies

The editors of Design World present a library of FAQs, technical articles, and videos on industrial power supplies. 


In the conveyor classroom installment, there are more than a dozen references that detail types of material handling with conveyors. 

DC motors

 This classroom details the operation of dc brush motors, also called permanent-magnet (PM) dc motors … as well as the use of these motors in various in motion designs.

Integrated motors

Resources on integrated motors to differentiate the most common variations of these motion-control mainstays, and details on how to use the motors to satisfy requirements.

Servo drives

Servo systems consist of four main components — motor, drive, controller, and feedback. In some cases, a standalone controller determines required motor moves.

Vibration damping & shocks

The ultimate goal for design engineers is to build and tune designs for minimal vibration (free or forced) and render unavoidable system vibration damped (dissipated) or isolated. 

Design World Handbooks and Special Editions

Motion System Applications

November 2022

Leadership in Engineering

January 2023

March 2023 Special Edition: Trends 2023

  • Supply Chain & Labor Issues
  • The Digital Transformation • AI • Connectivity
  • EVs • e-Bikes & AGVs
  • Motors, Gearmotors & Drives
  • Linear Motion & More


Exclusive content by Design World, Motion Control Tips & Linear Motion Tips

A collection of key technology topics available for download.


Engineer’s update on encoder, sensor, and feedback technologies

The latest in EV, eBike, and AGV motion systems

Top industrial connectivity and digital-transformation trends

Recently, a number of encoder, sensor, and feedback industry experts answered several questions about trends they are seeing with these components and the industry more generally. 

We recently asked several industry experts about the trends they’re seeing in the design and use of electric vehicles (EVs), scooters, eBikes, and autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs). 

Discrete automation’s edge devices include actuators, sensors, and connectivity components such as gateways and motor-mounted controllers. 

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